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Powder dynamometer
It is used in full (rated) load torque at zero speed,
as well us high torque load at low speed application.
Torque range start from 10NM (1Kgm)

Eddy current dynamometer

It is used in low torque load at high speed application torque start from 1NM (0.1kgm)

Tandem Dynamometer : This is Combination pf powder brake and eddy current brake

Typical use

It is used as loading device in test benches of wiper motor, Powder window motor, High speed low power motor, 3phase Electric motor, Gear Box, Pumps, Low Rating Engine, Belt applications. It will use as adjustable Torque Limiters.

Typically used in Customized Motor Test bench System is designed to test a wide range of

Electrical motors used on passenger aircraft. Motors to be tested include : flap regulator motors, hydraulic pressure regulator motors and air-cooling motors.

Testing of Appliance Motors Testing of Drill Motors Testing of sized electric motors used in various sump, utility, sewage, well, pool and pond pumps

Custom based Motor Test bench System to accommodate a wide horsepower range of single-phase motors used in HVAC and pump applications

forklift steering drive motors. Stepper Motors steam turbine engines

Testing of following motors Combustion engine (automotive, motorcycle, chainsaw, etc.) hybrid, Pneumatic Electric , Hydraulic (Aerospace, machinery)

Others like Pumps (hydraulic, oil) , Propeller (Aerospace, marine, helicopter) Reduction gear, gearboxes Clutch, overload clutch Motorized valve drill, pneumatic tools Automobile industry, torque measurement on laboratory and production (Formula 1, screen wiper, electrical windows, starter, generator, brake) Other machine tools

Life-cycle testing is a common practice used to determine longevity and failure rates of motors in many industries including power tool, hydraulic/pneumatic, automotive, medical, dental, appliance and lawn/garden. Parameters that can be tested include torque, speed, volts, amps, watts and temperature.

Typical use in engineering colleges :

The dynamometer is using to load the motor or engine to annualizing the characterisrics or behavior

Variable torque profile simulator

In automotive and aircrafts industries require more an more often to qualify electro-mechanical components by simulating on test benches the "real" working conditions.

SRIM's Brake are the ideal solution to provide reliable, accurate, smooth and fast response time variable torque. The very low power remote control needs helps to build affordable Closed Loop controlled systems.

Web Tension Transducer (Load Cell ) : Ranges Start from 1kg to 150kgs. Torque Transducer (Sensor) ranges Start from 1kgm to 20kgm. As per Customer Specification Tension or Torque Sensor Can be Made.