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Powder Brake
Electro magnetic particle brake
Rated Torque 1kgm , 2kgm ,3kgm, 5kgm, 6.5kgm, 10kgm, 12kgm, 18kgm, 20kgm, 25kgm, 40gkm
Coil supply Within 2amps, maximum 24v dc
mountingFoot , flange
Type of shaft Extended shaft , hollow shaft
Method of cooling Self cool, forced air cool, fan cool , water cool

Torque is adjustable from minimum to rated torque. Rated torque can be achieved from zero speed

Tension transducer
(CB series )
Load cell
Rated force 5 , 10, 20 , 50 , 75 , 150
Input 10 DC
Output 20mv @ rated load
mounting Foot , flange
basic Strain gauge
configuration Full bridge
Over load inter lock yes
Over load limit 120%
principle reaction type, and centre bearing type
impedance 350 ohms

Compact, versatile and reliable, CB series tension transducer (load cells) offer an alternative to the others manufactured by SRIM and are used for idler or live roll applications. CB series may be mounted directly to a machine frame or they may be foot mounted They are full-bridge foil gauge load cells suitable for tissue to board tension sensing. The CB load cells measure the applied force, and give an electric proportional signal, repeatable and free from hysterisis, which can be used for any kind of regulation.


Ii is consist of power on switch, press to set / actual tension indicate button, multi turn set tension potentiometer , man / auto switch, 3 digit digital tension indicator, and % of brake excitation analog meter.

The totally enclosed industrial grade enclosure is used, powder coated and suitable to use in dust atmosphere.

Supply input 240V AC , 1A   AC 10%
Output Variable 0 to 24V DC , 0 TO 2A DC
Provision is given Power supply for connecting proximity sensor, MS series connector used for connecting load cell


The material Tension(torque)is set by set tension potentiometer, the set value is compared with actual tension value (signal come from tension transducer), the compared signal will give error signal, this signal is amplified and given to brake coil, the coil will produced the sufficient magnet, the magnet is applied on rotating shaft.

The special electronic circuit will compare with actual tension value and maintain the same by adjusting the braking torque . So that the shaft will get loaded with stable adjustable torque.