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Brake Application Note - PDF File

Printing Machine Video

The torque delivered by the Electro Magnetic particle brake (clutch) will be stable and linear. The particle brake (clutch) rated torque can be achieved at zero speed to 150RPM. The Powder brake torque is set able from no load to full load irrespective of speed.

In the Following machines, it is used as unwinding tension controls.

  • Printing and Converting Machine

  • RotoGravure Printing Press

  • Flexo Graphic Printing Press

  • Paper Web offset Printing press

  • Coating and Lamination Machine

  • slitter Rewinder Machine

  • Unwind Stand

  • Paper Flexo Ruling Machine

  • Computer Stationery Forms Making Machine

  • Copper Wire Drawing Machine

  • Copper insulation coating Machine

  • Heavy Duty Copper Based Transformer Making Machine


Paper, film, Foil, LD, Polythene, Polyester, Wire, cable, cloth, yarn, steel, roll and etc.

Tension control for wire

All Wire & Cable during manufacturing process, a high level of Tension Control accuracy is usually difficult for achieving final product quality.

SRIM's Powder Brake, powder Clutches, Controller and Sensors are the perfect solution for the design of reliable, accurate and user's friendly Tension Control systems

Dynamometer Torque Ranges start From 1Nm (0.1kgm) To (50kgm) High torque with low speed and low torque high speed dynamometer available. Any combination of speed & torque can be made as per customer requirement.